Monday, September 2, 2013

Had a phenomenal weekend, checking on & marketing the delights on both forks of Eastern Long Island! Leaving my house for the east end on Thursday afternoon, I was able to visit a couple of new stores as well as the farm stands; Bay view & Schmidt's Farms who are both selling the delights like crazy! Friday, I was able to visit the locations of some east end fairs that I am participating in this f...all! Saturday, I got to visit the IGA market in Southold which was on my way to the Greenport ferry ride to Shelter Island! Then I took another ferry ride to Sag Harbor... so I could visit the IGA market in Amagansett. All 3 IGA's are doing very well w/ the product! I will have to try and make it over to the Bellport IGA before school starts this Tuesday! Driving around Shelter Island was a breath taking experience! I loved it! The journey of locating all the delights that are being sold on the East end concluded sweetly!! Not only b/c the cakes are selling well but b/c I did not hit an ounce of traffic in the direction that I navigated! Luckily for me, one of my best friends lives out in Cutchogue... and I was able to stay with their family at their incredible B & B and Vineyard! I was able to enjoy working, spend quality time w/ friends, and have a lot of fun & laughs w/ the girls Friday night when we met for cards at the wine tasting room in Peconic! Let's just say Business was an extreme pleasure of laughs, shopping, and awesome wines & martini's all weekend! Finally, made it home late today and found that my house was in complete order for a change! I mean...there was no laundry, no mess, and no drama! Yahoo, maybe I should consider travelling for business more often! The next few months will dictate when the travelling will begin!

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