Saturday, September 28, 2013

  1. Gee, where should I begin? It has been super insanely crazy these last few weeks! Last weekend when I did the Bayport festival to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, I was tired and run down from all the work in my teaching career. I was so frustrated that it was beautiful outside and I was stuck doing another fair that first appeared to be slow & boring! However, I was the only vendo...r who seemed to be making a killing! After 2 hrs or so, I was bored so I asked the organizer of the show if she knew any motivated, smart, young sales people who may want to earn some fast cash for selling the I could sneak around the corner to watch Thomas baseball game. We'll wouldn't you know it...the event planner brings me over a 16 year old beautiful smart strawberry blond teenager with a million dollar smile & the gift of gab! Mollie was her name and she lives in Locust Vallyey. She was in Bayport at her cousins house and just hanging around the fair w/ family. After she watched me for a half hour, she seemed to have the mission, one liners, and the money thing all down pat! So, I left for the ball game. Two hrs later this beautiful smart young girl basically sold out of all the breads! That's it...your hired I inform her! She is thrilled at the idea of doing demos in Nassau county as well as being my assistant for the Oyster Bay event in October! Incredible that I found a mini me with energy, drive, passion, and the gift to sell like crazy! So happy to have Mollie aboard! Hats off to my new fair assistant! Love it!!!

    1. This week was an amazing week in sales! Inter county bakers ordered 27 cases of pumpkin & zucchini! Monday I sold 30 cases out to my distributors and continued to do 7 to 10 cases every day after Monday! Then the icing was slapped right on the cake when I got the paperwork on that big huge amazing account that I worked on all summer! And to boot, my interview with Best Yet was a home run!!! Produc...tion will start this week for Best Yet Markets! The other big, huge amazing account I have been referring to all these months is supposed to go to the shelf as early as next Friday! Once, I can buy the double pak of pumpkin cakes at this awesome store; I will finally announce the account of a lifetime! Oh yeah baby, u rock baby! This was my mom's favorite place to spend money! Mom, I can't wait to post this baby! Love u and miss u to pieces! Thanks for always watching over me, b/c these past two weeks were filed with major sleep deprivation! Tomorrow, I will sleep the day away! BTW, did I neglect to mention that I did fabulous sales today at the IGHL (Independent Group Home Living) benefit! I even lowered the price one dollar on the cakes due to the nature of the fund raiser! The staff at IGHL were the most amazing group of people!!! I got there a few hrs late due to my sleep deprivation this week and my very bad car accident that I had last week on the LIE. Anyway, the IGHL staff help me unload my entire van and then they set me up! I gave each young man that helped me a cake of their choice. I also gave the woman running the event 2 cakes for her family at home and a few more for all the volunteers! Like I said what an amazing job these people do for the handicapped adults that they service! Time to sleep now! Night night!

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