Saturday, September 7, 2013

I did the East Northport festival today! It was pretty damn good! I made a few bucks and I was able to spread the word about the big wholesale food industry I may be going into this fall! I cant wait for this day to arrive! I hope to be the first consumer to buy my very own product! What a scream Right! Anyway, the fair was a lil slow than what I usually experience. But I did have the opportunity meet some really great people and the boy scouts from that area ROCK! These lil men help me set up & break down my entire show! So... I showered them with the delights and they loved every cake I gave them! The best part of the day was coming home to a new freezer location where I store what is left over from an event! My husband & son moved the freezer from the basement to the garage! WOW, how is it that I ever thought to put that damn freezer in the basement! It is easy breezy now to just pull in the driveway & drop the cakes into the garage! Three yrs. later and a torn rotator cuff and the family realizes...What a brilliant idea! Okay were not brain surgeons over here...but we do know how to build a business, bake, and work like dogs! We'll hopefully the payoff is coming! And soon I will be able to reward my 3 sons and very patient hubby with a vacation of a life time! A very over due VACATION! Gitty up!

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