Sunday, August 11, 2013

A delivery journey! Never a dull moment @ Darcy's Delights!

Once again it was an eventful day of deliveries into Nassau county both on the North shore & Long Beach!

The day began with excitement after we delivered a few cases to South Dow...n Mkt in Huntington & Grace’s Mkt place in Greenvale! Our first exciting encounter was that my husband wanted to introduce me to the owners of Young’s Farms, in Brookville. He sent me into the farm to pitch the breads & mission! On our way in, a consumer walks in and exclaims that she is hungry and looking to buy a healthy snack! Immediately, she sees the Zucchini bread in my hands and asks? Ooo, where can I get one of those? That looks yummy! Oh, I said, I am actually just here to pitch the product, I am waiting to meet the owner! The owner walks out and I introduce myself to her! She kindly explains that they are a working farm and everything they grow they turn into an all-natural foodie! Desserts, soups, pies, quiches! Wow, I am taken back by all that I learn…and I thank her for her overwhelming knowledge! I offer to give her two cakes, a zucchini & a carrot to thank her for taking the time! She tells me…no that’s ok you don’t have too, you work too hard to give away your profits! I insist and tell her to enjoy and that I’ll touch base w/ her for some feedback and possibly consulting on the grant I am pursuing! She thanks me and offers me a barter; fresh crystalized ginger for my newest work in progress and some home-made ginger shortbread cookies! I thank her and we shake hands! We exchange business contacts and I skip to the car! Only to find the consumer who was listening to my story & wanting to meet up w/ me …so she too could buy a couple of the delights. I decide that it isn’t good business & its way to tacky… to sell her cake out of my car on the owners premises! We decide to meet up the road… Nina shares that she is a big fan of entrepreneurs and buys a Kathy’s Mocha & a Zucchini! We also exchange contacts for future business and employee opportunities of the grant in progress! What a day, and it aint over yet! Read on…

Before we go to Long beach we have 3 stops…Iavarone Bros, Salpinos and a special stop in Levittown for a bread fan who bought a spoiled bread!!!

The funniest thing happened when we arrived at Long Beach to deliver to the first high end restaurant that we made a trip to about 2 weeks ago! As I was getting out of the car to deliver to Sorrento’s, I run into the same young man whom I met 2 weeks ago at the same exact location! A machine operator who told us the best locations to pitch the cakes too! This time I asked him what he did for a living b/c I thought it was odd to run into the same young man! Everything about my business always has a way of leading to Karma! .. I asked him what kind of machines, he says all machinery. I said, there you have it.. I will probably need ur services in the future when I need my bakery machines repaired!

Even more eventful was the broken-English speaking owner at Sorrento’s. I go to deliver the cakes…expecting that the last batch was sold out & that I would be paid cash for the new delivery! However, the owners son who manages all vendors is absent today! The owner tells me…I only know & do what I do best and that is curing the meats! My son handles all other aspects of the business! We’ll if I was ur son, I would be proud of your hard work! Now, pay me for my cakes so I can
finish my deliveries! He tries to call his son to affirm the delivery! Can’t get in touch! So we chit & we chat and I show him my cakes! He finally offers me 55.00 and then asks me to give him change! I give him one dollar change and one carrot cake to seal the deal! He then goes on to tell me that nobody cures meat the way he does and that when people come to Sorrento’s for dinner they wait for the best! We do not take calls during rush hour, we do not deliver, and we do not tolerate rushing consumers! If you want to eat well, you learn to wait at Sorrento’s. Anyway, his old school thoughts really made an impact on me, so I couldn’t help but reward him for his phenomenal work ethics! Yes, both he & the chef got a carrot cake for their trust in my product and their hard work & determination! We need to make two more deliveries now! So we head out to Key foods, that’s a quickie! And then…

Finally, the evening comes to a close at another location that purchased the delights… Panini’s & Bikinis! Wow!!! - that had to be the freshest Panini we ever had! It was worth the 20 minute wait! We journeyed down to the ocean after we ordered and then caught the entire sunset as we dove into our mouth -watering, fresh, toasted Panini’s that were phenomenally seasoned with a delicious dressing! I pay my bill w/ my days earnings and save the receipt for another write-off!

Yup, That’s what I call a successful day in the day of Darcy’s Delights!

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