Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Canvassing Long Beach for new markets!

Had a ball Canvassing new accounts w/ my husband in Long Beach yesterday! It was awesome...we went into 5 stores and I think I may have 3 new accounts! I need a Long Beach friend to make the deliveries on a weekly basis if I want it to work! I really cant afford to lose the time going all the way in there! I was hoping these markets would fall in love with the cakes and just make it work on their... own! Too easy, Right?
As for the leads...It cost 70.00 in gas and another 25.00 in cakes to get the accounts! One awesome butcher shop called Sorrentos on West Park Avenue bought a case 12 of the delights, to start them out... Another place called ...Paninis & Bakinis bought a 4 pound loaf to try out. Bob's Natural Foods said not til Labor Day, you know that's a NO! However, Atlantic Beach Bagel & Deli seemed interested. I really should have remembered to call all these places today but I was just so tired! To many things at once on my brain!
Anyway, we had an awesome dinner at this really cool place called...Duke Falcons on 36 West Park Avenue! The owner decorated the entire place with memorabilia that he found in an old attic trunk when his elderly Aunt & Uncle had passed. The trunk had recipes from all over the world from their past travels! It was cool and the foodies were delic! We left the owner a Carrot cake to dabble in and the waitress got 25% and a pumpkin choc chip cake; a la Darcy's Delights!
Tune in next week to see which stores are true to their word about taking in the delights to aid in the future goal of employing & facilitating young adults w/ disabilities in a bakery "work" establishment!
Building a business like mine takes constant follow-up and perseverance! And a lot of freekin energy! The business is growing in so many directions, I think I need some help. Unfortunately, the volume capacity has to be able to pay the help! Bread fans and observers of my wild & crazy venture to build a 30,000 square ft bakery to employ youth & model good work ethics can help me grow by...
.... taking the time to do simple things like stopping at my house-bakery to make purchases as well as
.... educating themselves on YELP which is my newest endeavor to help my business grow and reach its fullest potential! I bought into a package today at YELP to help my business grow. Those of you who are regular yelpers and like to check the status quo on restaurants, bakeries, etc. can help Darcy's Delights by providing me with a positive testimonial & or feedback on YELP about the products I am producing!
Finally, August 1st will be the first date of the Grant meeting! Stay tuned for more yummy delights in every bite of the business!

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